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ReBecca Burns Empowering Women

Hello everyone, I wanted to share that my new site, the one I have been working on forever and a day launched a few days ago. While some spots are rough as some things not showing, the content is there. I was not going to share this news yet but the soft launch has already generated a response so I wanted to share with you what the new site was about.


Special thanks to everyone that has already reached out, especially CM for reaching out today to tell me how my words over the years have helped to get her through a rough day.  That comment made all the nights of wondering, it this was helping, did my words benefit anyone,this made it all worth while.


That is what this is all about, being there to support each other.

I created this site to help me deal with a horrible abusive past and to help others (if that is where you are, stay here for a bit.

My goal has expanded to now help you with this new site, when you are ready, to take back your life and not be hostage to a past you tried to hard to be free from. I hope you will check out my new site at www.ReBeccaBurns.com and comment.

While you may see some posts from The-LastStraw.com most will be new and focused on helping you promote and market your #1 business – YOU!

Love & Peace,

I am a writer, dreamer and true believer that you change your life by changing your focus. I search the web day and night to bring you access to Motivational & Inspirational Resources to Promote & Market your #1 Business – YOU!

Come check it out, I would love your feedback, while you are there grab your FREE Goal & Progress Worksheets to help you set Obtainable Goals as well as the additional daily checklists to keep you Focused and Successful!



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Tommy’s Daddy

The first grade teacher explained,
Daddies are different, none the same,
“Tommy, tells us about your dad”…
Wanting to refused he got mad…
Mommy told him never to say..
But teacher said he had to today…
Knowing he’d be in trouble if he ran…
Looking at teacher, he quietly began…
My daddy is huge, tall and strong…
Says everything mommy does is wrong…
Hits my mommy, makes her cry…
Most everyday I don’t know why…
Knocks her down on the floor…
She hit her head on the door…
Says he’d find her if we leave…
Claims he loves us, I don’t believe…
Leaves bruises all over her face…
Said, if I told, I’d get a taste…
Room got quiet, for they knew…
This isn’t what their daddies do …

Poem was printed with permission from the talented author
Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins

she offers many poetry books free to download and hardcopies for sale at  lulu.com/xeson

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Free Survival Manual

It always pleases me when I find another who is so passionate about helping others survive abuse. I know you will find this manual an incredible resource. I encourage you to check it out, link to it and share it with others. Together, we will stop the insanity and be sane in the end.

Love & Peace,

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Free Gratitude Journal with workbook

I love finding free resources for readers online. Check out this link for a free Gratitude Journal. I think it is more of a short report on how to keep and start a gratitude journal. If you are like me after loss and some hard knocks there can be days when you struggle to find things to list in this journal but this short guide will get you started. Keeping a journal like this is one of my goals this year so join me. If you print and start this journal I encourage you to return here and leave a comment about how it is working for you. Your words will inspire another reader.

Love & Peace,

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Free Yoga Book

I hadn’t realized until I was reading this book that I had been using yoga all along to help battle my days of depression and plain blues. I highly recommend this free yoga ebook for the mental benefits you are sure to receive. You don’t have to do all of the moves but give the ones for depression a try, the benefits to the blues are immediate. This isn’t a cure all for depression in any way, I am talking about the occasional depressing days, not long term depression cure.

If you find this information helpful please link back to the page to share with others.

Love & Peace,
Rebecca J. Burns

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Click on the following link……….http://www.mercola.com/forms/eftcourse.htm (you may have to copy and paste, I can’t get link to work.

Another reader left a comment regarding EFT. I encourage you to check out the video and free book. There is no cost and I make nothing by encouraging you to check it out. I just really can see how this can help with emotional issues and physical ailments.

We sometimes forget that our stress and anger can really do damange to our bodies and health. This is another avenue to help releive health, ptsd and other issues.

Love & Peace,

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