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heaven must have needed angels

The title says it all, “Heaven Must Have Needed Angels”. After the tragedies that follow I was unable to rest until I had written down my thoughts and feelings.  Many of the poems were written as I watched the events unfold on television with the rest of the world.  The poems helped me grieve and my hope is they will help you too. While I know to some the title doesn’t work but for me, it helps to calm my mind knowing they are now in Heaven.

Below is a link to a poetry book that I wish I had never needed to write, the poetry book contains 10 Poems to help heal, below I wanted to share the one titled, “Heaven Must Have Needed Angels,” this was a poem, like the rest that I wish I never felt the need to write.  As a writer I must write to deal with life, sadly I have shared this poem countless times since I wrote it the day the towers fell.

Dedicated to the Angels of September 11, 2001

Heaven must have needed Angels
For so many to have died
Too many went to Heaven
In the blinking of an eye

Flying through the sky that day
When the Heavens opened wide
Heaven must have needed Angels
To make this Nation Cry

What do we tell the children
It was not a bomb
That blew up the World Trade Center
And crashed into the Pentagon

We see it on the news
Cell phones ringing hopeful news
Will Daddy call us one more time
And ask how was your day

What do we tell the children
Daddy’s flight went oh so wrong
He called to say he loves us
Then in a moment, he was gone
And along with the Nation
We watched the towers fall
Daddy called to say he loved us
That’s what matters after all

Was it a mistake
Did the pilot lose his way?
We have to tell our children
They had hit where they had aimed

Men we do not know who hated US soil
Took people who meant more to us
Then the buildings that they blew

They destroyed a landmark
When they rocked our Nation’s core
But to take away our loved ones
Was to have taken so much more

When you kiss your children goodnight
Midst the rubble and the pain
Tell them mommy or daddy’s in Heaven
Beside them once again

Heaven Must Have Needed Angels by Rebecca J. Burns

Click here for Free Poetry book, “Heaven Must Have Needed Angels; you have permission to give it a way to help us heal, all photos by Sharon D. Pruitt

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heaven must have needed angels poem


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Tommy’s Daddy

The first grade teacher explained,
Daddies are different, none the same,
“Tommy, tells us about your dad”…
Wanting to refused he got mad…
Mommy told him never to say..
But teacher said he had to today…
Knowing he’d be in trouble if he ran…
Looking at teacher, he quietly began…
My daddy is huge, tall and strong…
Says everything mommy does is wrong…
Hits my mommy, makes her cry…
Most everyday I don’t know why…
Knocks her down on the floor…
She hit her head on the door…
Says he’d find her if we leave…
Claims he loves us, I don’t believe…
Leaves bruises all over her face…
Said, if I told, I’d get a taste…
Room got quiet, for they knew…
This isn’t what their daddies do …

Poem was printed with permission from the talented author
Angela Hutcherson-Jenkins

she offers many poetry books free to download and hardcopies for sale at  lulu.com/xeson

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Free Survival Manual

It always pleases me when I find another who is so passionate about helping others survive abuse. I know you will find this manual an incredible resource. I encourage you to check it out, link to it and share it with others. Together, we will stop the insanity and be sane in the end.

Love & Peace,

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Free Gratitude Journal with workbook

I love finding free resources for readers online. Check out this link for a free Gratitude Journal. I think it is more of a short report on how to keep and start a gratitude journal. If you are like me after loss and some hard knocks there can be days when you struggle to find things to list in this journal but this short guide will get you started. Keeping a journal like this is one of my goals this year so join me. If you print and start this journal I encourage you to return here and leave a comment about how it is working for you. Your words will inspire another reader.

Love & Peace,

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Free Yoga Book

I hadn’t realized until I was reading this book that I had been using yoga all along to help battle my days of depression and plain blues. I highly recommend this free yoga ebook for the mental benefits you are sure to receive. You don’t have to do all of the moves but give the ones for depression a try, the benefits to the blues are immediate. This isn’t a cure all for depression in any way, I am talking about the occasional depressing days, not long term depression cure.

If you find this information helpful please link back to the page to share with others.

Love & Peace,
Rebecca J. Burns

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Click on the following link……….http://www.mercola.com/forms/eftcourse.htm (you may have to copy and paste, I can’t get link to work.

Another reader left a comment regarding EFT. I encourage you to check out the video and free book. There is no cost and I make nothing by encouraging you to check it out. I just really can see how this can help with emotional issues and physical ailments.

We sometimes forget that our stress and anger can really do damange to our bodies and health. This is another avenue to help releive health, ptsd and other issues.

Love & Peace,

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