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breath like a baby

If you want to learn how to breath right, watch a baby,this is how we all used to breathe



I new breath was important but had no idea that doing breathing exercises could improve my overall health and mindset.  Since I am always searching for ways to improve my life when I saw a video that assured me that in 19 seconds I could feel better, why not. click here to read more.

“Not breathing right is the equivalent of eating junk food 23, 000 times a day with each breath” – Joe DiStefano

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19 seconds of breathing breath like a baby helps stress, anxiety and depression

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One of my all-time favorite books is called Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. If you never read another book of self-discovery, read this one. A dear friend gave me this book a few years after I was out of the abuse.

Mirror Mirror on the Wall – how staring down that woman in the mirror can help you recover from abuse

It is set up to read a quote and then one page for the day, something to inspire you and make you think. I read that book front to back for over five years.

I would finish the book, then a month or so later pick it back up and start all over again.

Each you I was growing so when I read the same thing again it meant something different. I grew more each time I read this book.

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Change the record already – 15 tips to survive an anxiety attack and how to stop them (photo by Kinga Cichewicz)

Okay, I hate my life, my job sucks, the kids are fighting, I have no money, I can’t breathe, my chest hurts, Oh my God I think I will die, I can’t breathe ….

Does that sound familiar? It sure does to me.

I could work myself up into quite a tizzy on a moment’s notice and didn’t realize that I had the control to stop the anxiety attack. Granted taking medicine for a short time helped but the trick to stopping the attacks completely was to learn what to do before one came a knocking. To this day I am thankful that I found the ways to grow stronger as a woman, especially in the aftermath of the abuse I lived through for years.

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