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hold on for one more day

Today I was listening to some of the songs that I have posted here that inspire me and remind me to be a strong woman, click here to view more

I really wanted to share Wilson Phillips – Hold On: This song has inspired me for as long as I can remember, I would listen to if often while living in abuse, it was sometimes the only encouragement that kept me going.

Now, years later it helps me see how far I have come and what I have control over. I can remember when I would listen to this song over and over for an hour or more to get me through the days. I encourage you to find songs that do that for you.

What song inspires you and helps you stay strong and see how far you have come?

Love & Peace,

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Mirror Mirror on the Wall – how staring down that woman in the mirror can help you recover from abuse

One of my all-time favorite books is called Simple Abundance by Sarah Ban Breathnach. If you never read another book of self-discovery, read this one. A dear friend gave me this book a few years after I was out of the abuse. It is set up to read a quote and then one page for the day, something to inspire you and make you think. I read that book front to back for over five years. To read more click here 

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I was working the other day and wanted to learn more about the 5-second rule, while I had used some of this in my life I wanted to know more.  The video has one of my favorite people, Lewis Howe, just a down to earth person that I am learning so much from in regards to the people he brings on his show.

Sounds too simple, but it works for me and can work for you.

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Love & Peace,

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