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Today I was reviewing advice online to help rebuild self-esteem after abuse and the article linked below was to the point, don’t try to fix everything, be patient with yourself.

Be patient with yourself. Think about how you’d treat a best friend who had just been through the same situation. You likely wouldn’t tell them to “get over it already.” Let yourself take as much time as you need to sort through your emotions, feel what you need to feel and slowly come back to a positive outlook on the future.

The linked site offers a ton of resources such as forums and groups to support you in the aftermath of abuse, for teens and adults. My goal is to provide you with resources and this looks like a pretty good one. To read the rest of the article click here Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem after abuse.

I wrote this poem years ago and still read it daily to stay inspired and focused:

Dream Focused

Look at nothing else
Put on all your blinders
Or what you want you will lose sight
Concentration is important
Even though it may not seem
If you wish to have what you want in life
You must focus on the dream
Live it
Feel it
Be it
or nothing you will have
For those without a dream in life
Wander down the path
Someday you will feel frightened
Lost and all alone
Close your eyes and search your soul
For something to pull you through
A memory
A dream
A promise of tomorrow
The fate is in store for you must first be thought by You!

If you have a site that offers support or know of one please share it in the comments, we are here to help each other heal, if not, what was the point of all of this?

Free Printable of Poem ready to frame – click here!

Love & Peace,



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strong women fighting back after domestic violence

I am Woman hear me Roar… now get out of My Way!

The following comment and poem about leaving abusive husband was left on 2010/09/02 and was worth sharing with you, the reader wrote:

Dear Rebecca,

I was in an abusive relationship for 3 years and he abused me in all aspects. I found the will the leave him when he attempted to hit me while I was 3 months pregnant with our son. At that moment, I couldn’t leave for myself, but I could leave for my baby and I was gone the next week.

It’s been a difficult journey because I still see this man and speak to him because of the child we share. He has continued to be verbally, emotionally and once even physically abusive to me in front of our son. We go to court at the end of the month and I’m praying the court will see the kind of man he is and will help me in protecting myself and my son. I wrote the following poem depicting my journey and my realization.

I could only be his victim as long as I allowed myself to be and I refuse to be his victim. I hope you all enjoy this poem:

strong women fighting back after domestic violence

I am Woman hear me Roar… now get out of My Way!

-NO MORE- By Ashley P.
A life that has for so long been controlled by manipulation and fear,
So many times left broken and in tears.
Broken bones and bruises followed by promises allowed to heal,
Names and accusations, confusion at the appeal.
Was it really appeal, or just a distorted view?
A victim of the lies, a victim of “I don’t know what to do”.
Attempts to do what’s right, attempts to inspire change,
Feelings of defeat when things remained the same.
A will to be happy, a will to stand fear in the face,
Determination to finally escape this dreadful place.
Emergence out of darkness, finally able to see the light,
Finally the courage to stand up and fight the fight.
No more being afraid, no more running away,
No more looking back and living like yesterday.
No! no more being afraid, not one more excuse,
No longer a victim, but a survivor of abuse.

I have heard from Ashley a few times and will get her other posts here, she is a true inspiration.

Love & Peace,

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I wrote this poem six months ago when someone pointed out that our first real relationship sets the tone for future relationships…it made me think of my first relationship at the age of 15 which lasted 3 years…and this person sadly lingered for an additional 3 years in my life on and off…I was searching for somewhere to share it and came across this site…I hope it helps someone…

Abuse and lies…no more…I am worth it!
by Luz Barbosa

he tells me not to look that way
he tells me not to dress that way
he tells me not to talk that way
he tells me not to act that way

he smacks me
he tells me I better shut up or else
he tells me I am worthless
he tells me my no’s are meaningless
he doesn’t care that I don’t want to or that I am crying

he tells me he loves me
he tells me I am his and I will always be, that he owns me
he tells me no one will ever love me like he does

he tells me I am stupid
he tells me I am a hoe
he tells me he will kill me

he sucks the life out of me

I finally had enough
I could not continue to live this way
I realized these were all lies
I decided this behavior was unacceptable
I finally got out

I was young
I didn’t know any better
I kept it to myself
I was ashamed
I lived in fear

I refuse to be controlled
I refuse be abused
I refuse to end up dead

I deserve to be safe
I deserve respect
I deserve to be loved
I deserve to be happy
I deserve to be free to be me
I deserve to be treated well

I am worth it!

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Vist my new Poetry Blog – Poetry on Violence and Healing and Post your Poetry to help others think, heal and mend


Get Ready
To have YOUR life back!
Get Ready
To leave the abuse behind!
Get ready!

Because YOU deserve your “dignity”!
Get ready
To let the “healing” start!
Get Ready
To live “without” fear!
Get Ready
YOU have the right to be “YOU”!
Get Ready
To use YOUR voice and be “heard”!
Get Ready
To dance to the music of “freedom”
Get Ready
To re-learn how to be “alive”!
Get Ready
To grab the reins of “empowerment”!
Get Ready
To walk into L.I.F.E.
Get Ready

Get Ready. GET Ready. GET READY

(L)ove (I)integrity (F)orgiveness (E)mpowerment

If you’re not “READY for LIFE”,

When will “YOU” think it’s time to “GET READY”?

No time like today, tomorrow’s not promised.


Your only FEAR should be the CHOICES you make.

Get Ready on Poetry Blog

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Emotional Abuse and Your Faith: Poem for the Victims of Domestic Violence.

I came across this site today and like always wanted to share, poetry always digs deep.  I encourage you to check it out.

God chooses us.

Love & Peace,

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No More to Be Thankful for This Year – a reminder

Please click to view entire poem and leave comments in the one location.

Be Well, Be Safe Today and all throughout the years.
Love & Peace,

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Thank you to NightRaven for allowing me to share this poem. If you would like to have a poem posted here add it to comments and make sure to use name to be printed and give me permission in email to use your poem here and in upcoming books and projects.

Sisterhood Of Domestic Violence

We are a sisterhood, a common thread and bond..We’ve come together to share our stories, to overcome the obstacles as one..We are all for the same reason-the violence and pain that we share..We soon grow to learn those we turned to do not really care..We have our scars, our battle wounds, embedded in our soul..The bruises and mental scars all begin to show..We live fear daily of being found..Yet, no one hears our cries nor does anyone give a damn..We’re forced to live our lives behind these invisible bars..No one to hear our cries or to see how deep the scars..We’re forced to go out in the public’s eye each and every day..We know he could be watching and waiting, as we are his prey..We’re just a number and a first name, a face for them to see..No one cares about our pain, our feelings or the individual known as “me”..All we want in life is a place to call our own..
A little corner of the world, something to call home..All of the bureaucrats of today do not understand..If they run my credit or my number it’s a big lead in finding me, for this man..He can find me wherever I may go..I beg for leniency and understanding so the information he cannot know..I have to hide my identity, the true person that I am..For money in is the evil that condemns me to a live that is damned..
No one understands our difficult plight..They can’t tell the darkness from the broad daylight..They live in this bubble of statistics and by the book…They don’t take the time to see that I’m dangling like a fish, on a hook..There are so many sisters that share this trip to hell with me..We vow to each other, that we will not succumb to defeat..We pull together as one vowing to find our dream and make it come true..
As we travel this road that leads us from a world of victim–to a survivor of abuse..
We vow to help others and help keep their dream alive..Never giving up on our dreams to survive..We’re served this sentence of isolation and control..This place where we are robotic and our stories to the public go untold..This prison like setting where we have to beg for the things that we need..Where we are just a number, yet they do nothing to help us succeed..We all come together this sisterhood of hard knocks in life..Keeping our faith in God and prayer to see us through the pain and strife..We all share one common goal when this is all done and through..To share our stories with the public so others will know where to turn to..Domestic violence brought us down to our knees..But together we all stand to bring it to defeat..Our abusers are free and living a life where they can choose..We may be restrained for now, but in the end they will lose..As we stand together, throughout our neighborhood…We are victims of domestic violence and abuse–but we are our own sisterhood..And we shall overcome, for all the world to see..
We will finally live a life and forever be free..

Copyright@2007 NightRaven

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