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Get Ready
To have YOUR life back!
Get Ready
To leave the abuse behind!
Get ready!

Because YOU deserve your “dignity”!
Get ready
To let the “healing” start!
Get Ready
To live “without” fear!
Get Ready
YOU have the right to be “YOU”!
Get Ready
To use YOUR voice and be “heard”!
Get Ready
To dance to the music of “freedom”
Get Ready
To re-learn how to be “alive”!
Get Ready
To grab the reins of “empowerment”!
Get Ready
To walk into L.I.F.E.
Get Ready

Get Ready. GET Ready. GET READY

(L)ove (I)integrity (F)orgiveness (E)mpowerment

If you’re not “READY for LIFE”,

When will “YOU” think it’s time to “GET READY”?

No time like today, tomorrow’s not promised.


Your only FEAR should be the CHOICES you make.

Get Ready on Poetry Blog


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Dream Focused
By Rebecca J. Burns

Look at nothing else
Put on all your blinders
Or what you want you will lose sight
Concentration is important
Even though it may not seem
If you wish to have what you want in life
You must Focus on the Dream…
Live it
Feel it
Be it
Or nothing you will have
For those without a dream in life
Wander down the path
Someday you will feel frightened
Lost and all alone
Close your eyes and search your soul
For something to pull you through
A memory
A dream
A promise of tomorrow
For the fate He has in store for You
Must first be thought by You!

Love & Peace,


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I’m an angel to encourage you

In all that you may do.

Reminding you to never forget

That dreams really do come true.

If you lose your way, I’ll be there

No matter where you are.

Just close your eyes and make a wish

And follow the shining star.

I’ll be the shoulder you can cry on

Through the good times and the bad.

I will be there when you are happy,

And I will be there when you are sad.

I’ll be the strength when you are weak,

I’ll give you courage to make you strong.

I’ll give you faith if you get lost,

I’ll always help guide you along.

So if you don’t succeed at first,

Remember to give it another try.

Spread your wings and be free now,

And you will soar like a butterfly.

Copyright 2001 Donna Webster

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Calling all poets! I receive dozens of poems from women each month and just a few from men. Anyone who reads my blog at The Last Straw knows that poetry can heal a broken heart.

First I want to thank the many readers who have already sent me poems, they should all be posted here by now. All of the poems found here will eventually find there way to a new blog just for poetry at Poetry on Violence and Healing

I am putting together a free ebook to be given away on this site and others that contain poetry from others who have dealt with domestic violence/abuse. My goal is to empower women and men to get out of and to heal in the aftermath of domestic violence. Poetry from any point of view will work. I am really in need of uplifting poetry as well and poetry from a man’s point of view.

I encourage women and men, to share their poetry on recovery and surviving domestic violence. We feel so alone when we are in the abuse, during the aftermath my goal is to help others feel connected and far from alone. Your poem may be posted on someone’s desk someday and that poem may be the only thing that gets them through the day.

For the men out there, please help me, to help others understand, that domestic violence happens to men and hurts them just the same. I can not share your thoughts and feelings, I can only agree that it happens and you are of no lesser value in this horror because you are a man. If anything, your recovery and pain is more silent so please share.

No matter what sex or color or marital status you are a punch hurts just the same. I have created this blog to share only poetry and how it helps us all in the healing process. Please help me create a blog that allows others to heal and realize that they are not alone. Your poetry will do just that.

By leaving a poem here you are stating that you are the author and I have permission to post it elsewhere and to use it in several upcoming books. Poetry has helped me heal from horrific violence and pain and I know that it can help you too. By sharing your poetry you are indeed helping someone else who feels all alone to feel connected and heard.

Love & Peace,

Poetry left in this post will later be placed in the proper category for others to find it quickly. Please only share poetry that you have written out of respect for the authors. By sharing your poetry here you are giving me permission to share your poem on other blogs and to use it in upcoming writing projects, books and others items. If you post your name you will be given full credit.

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Never Give Up On You

When life gets rough and the road is long
And it seems there is no light
When the dreams you had somehow seem lost
Remember to never give up the fight
When you look in the mirror and see a stranger take a closer look inside
Come out of the shadows and out of the darkness
There is no need to run and hide
Never give up on you
Never forget who you are
Always remember wherever you go
You’ll find that shining star
When you think about the life that you once had
A memory of the way things used to be
Remember that the things that were taken away
Are not the things that will set you free
Remember that you have the power within yourself
And a will that can never be broken
You will survive and grow stronger
This much I know for the angels in Heaven have spoken
Never give up on you
Never forget who you are
Always remember wherever you go
You’ll find that shining star
When you thought the path you chose
Would lead to you to where you want to go
Remember that sometimes the path must be changed
In order for you to grow
When you thought your life had no meaning
Remember that we all have our own special gifts
Look deep inside yourself and sometimes you’ll find
Those things you might have missed
Never give up on you
Never forget who you are
Always remember wherever you go
You’ll find that shining star
We all have the power to change our lives
We’re all born with greatness inside
Don’t let your fears hold you back from dreams
And don’t ever feel you have to hide
Climb that rainbow and reach for the stars
And find your shining light
Remember you’ll survive whatever life brings
And your spirit will shine so bright
Never give up on you
Never forget who you are
Always remember wherever you go
You’ll find that shining star

Copyright Donna Webster 2002

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This poem really helped me through the toughest times in my life after the abuse. I urge you to print it and read it often.


“After a while you learn the subtle difference
between holding a hand and chaining a soul.
And you learn that love doesn’t mean leaning
and company isn’t security.
(Kisses aren’t contracts and presents aren’t promises.)

After awhile you begin to accept your defeats
with your head up and your eyes open,
with the grace of a woman, not the grief of a child.
And you learn to build your roads on today
because tomorrow’s ground is too uncertain
and the inevitable has a way of crumbling in mid-flight.

After a while you learn that even sunshine burns
if you stand too long in one place.

So, you plant your own garden and decorate your own soul
instead of waiting for someone else to bring you flowers.
And you learn you really can endure,
that you really do have worth.
You learn that with every good-bye comes the dawn.”

written by Veronica Shoffstall in 1971


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Dream your dreams motivational poem for children and dreamers by Rebecca Burns
I sang this to my son every night when he was a baby, I wrote it just for him, I hope you and your children enjoy it as well. Free printable of the poem for you, to click here to read more

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