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Hello Ladies, Gents and young readers,

Today I just  really wanted to share a few moments I had with my 9, soon to be 10yr old daughter who has decided to sing for school on Monday, she has been singing since she was barely 2 and has the voice of an angel, I know all parents say that, but trust me, would bet my life you will be hearing her someday.  She sings all the time but struggles to sing in front of others, lately she has done better with that but had decided to quit this time because she struggled to learn the words. Ii was like no way lady, if you can’t learn all the words than you read the paper as you sing, everyone will love that voice and will not even notice you are reading some of the words.  This inspired her to keep going.

She going to sing the song from Frozen, not sure but should be called, Let it go as that is often said in the song.  I just sat in awe last night as I helped her practice.  Yes, her voice stuns me but her excitement over that one on one attention meant more to her.  Sing, dance and play with your children, keeps you young and they really feel that love.

What songs do your children sing to you? What dreams do they have that you eagerly encourage?   I don’t remember having an adult inspire me when I was younger or even as an adult, I had to find those things on my own.  What are you doing to be there for your children and yourself?

Love & Peace,
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Hello Ladies,

Telling someone to want and yearn for less sounds funny.  We always want more of everything, I love that commercial where the little girl keeps saying, “and you want more, you want more you want more.”

This year, strive to have less.  I wanted to share something I read from a post titled,”The one thing I need to do today”  You can read the full post by clicking the following link, http://www.positivelypositive.com/2014/04/22/the-one-thing-i-need-to-do-today/


Below is an excerpt that I wanted to share:

“The one thing I need to do “Less. I’m trying to have fewer things in my life right now. This doesn’t always mean fewer trinkets that shine on a shelf.

It also might mean fewer things that upset me.
Fewer people who bother me.
Fewer regrets about things that are long dead and buried.
Fewer anxieties about a future that may or may not exist.


What are the things you need fewer of this year?  For me, fewer things that upset me, fewer temper tantrums on my end.  Fewer aches and pains, fewer complaints (hence the aches and pains) Fewer regrets for sure and mostly, fewer excuses on why I don’t’ do what I dream of doing.

What are the things you want less of this year?

Love & Peace,

Hello Ladies,

I have been following several really strong women over the years and wanted to share some insight from one of my favs, Sheree Keys, I encourage you to read through some of her posts, they often inspire me, below is one from today.

Excerpt from Sheree Keys – CEO, Author, Speaker

“When I actually listen to the infinite loving voice inside me instead of the small fearful one, life is absolutely magical and blissful. No one gets in our way but us. I don’t care where you are at in your life or where you came from… If you listen to the voice of hope that makes dreams come true, you can be-do-have anything you desire.” – Sheree Keys

Supporting You-One Transformation At A Time,

Sheri McConnell 2012

Sheri McConnell 2012

Sheree Keys – CEO, Author, Speaker

Visit her site at http://www.shereekeys.com/


Who do you read when you need to be inspire?

Love & Peace,


My Most Thankful Things

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Dear Readers,

The most thankful time of the year.  For me, many holiday’s were spent alone, I had dreaded Thanksgiving most years, it was just my son and I, we could see some friends but no family lived near us, it just felt sad and lonely.  It was the time of the year that my life fell apart, the trigger of fall just brought me down.
Now, I am so grateful for this time of year, I have the life I had always longed for, I live near my family, I have the love of my life in a man, my son is happy and secure for the first time in his life, I have a beautiful little girl brought to me by this man, she has become mine, I have a 2 year old grandson and a wonderful daughter in law.

I have a job I love, a roof over my head, food in the cabinets, a man that loves to cook for me, my health is good. I have created a community of women that are open and share, letting me know the work I do is appreciated and much needed.

Most of all what I am thankful for is that it never crosses my mind, am I safe today.  It is something I am now secure in, i don’t live in daily fear of being harmed.  The little things are normally big.

I want you to feel safe this year too.  You can change your life in a second, by making a decision or changing the way you look at things.  If you are out of the abuse and feeling sad, focus on what you have now, your freedom.

Focus on what you what life to be from this point on.  Find a list of things to be grateful for this holiday.  Share what you are most grateful for this year, it helps others to be more appreciative of what they have.

Love & Peace this Holiday Season,
Rebecca xoxo

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