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Dream your dreams motivational poem for children and dreamers by Rebecca BurnsI sang this to my son every night when he was a baby, I wrote it just for him, it was amazing when I then had a little girl with the voice of an angel to sing it to me, crazy how that happens. I hope you and your children enjoy it as well.

Dream Your Dreams
by Rebecca J. Burns

Close your eyes my little one
Close your eyes and dream
You can be anyone,
Anyone you dream
You can go anywhere,
do anything,
meet anyone
Just close your eyes and dream your dreams
Let your imagination take control
Take you on adventures never told
Just close your eyes my little one
Close your eyes and dream with me
You can fly above the mountains
You can swim beneath the sea
Its a great big world before us
Come along and dream with me
You can swing from every tree top
You can conquer every fear
There’s no need to be frightened
You’re not alone here in your dreams
Just open up your mind and let your dreams flow through
ts a great big world around us
Come on along and dream with me
Sweet dreams my little one

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