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I just love Ted.com, I often just go there to find talks that will inspire my day.  Today I was very moved to shared a talk by Nikki Webber Allen about not suffering along in your depression.  Much of what she shares I felt too, feeling that being depressed and having what is labeled GAD, generalized anxiety disorder made me inadequate.  How was I supposed to share that and coach women?  Over the last few years I have finally accepted that this is part of me, it routed way back to when I was little and we dodged gunfire in our home, hid around corners and ran in the middle of the night.  Then, adulthood came and I learned more of life and feared my own shadow.

dealing with anxiety and depression after abuse

The point is, don’t be silent anymore, nearly everyone you meet is dealing with some form of anxiety and or/depression, some it goes quickly, for others like me, it becomes part of who I am, I just learn how to be in more control over it.

Do you have an inspiring video to share.

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