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Dedicated to the Angels of September 11, 2001
Rebecca J. Burns/photo Sharon D. Pruitt

Heaven Must have needed Angels little girl photo with wings.png

Heaven must have needed Angels
For so many to have died
Too many went to Heaven
In the blinking of an eye
Flying through the sky that day
When the Heavens opened wide
Heaven must have needed Angels
To make this Nation Cry
What do we tell the children
It wasn’t a bomb
That blew up the world Trade Center
And crashed into the Pentagon
We see it on the news
Cell phones ringing hopeful news
Will Daddy call us one more time
And ask how was your day
What do we tell the children
Daddy’s flight went oh so wrong
He called to say he loves us
Then in a moment he was gone
And along with the Nation
We watched the towers fall
Daddy called to say he loved us
That’s what matters after all
Was it a mistake
Did the pilot lose his way
We have to tell our children
They had hit where they had aimed
Men we do not know who hated US soil
Took people who meant more to us
Than the buildings that they blew
They destroyed a landmark
When they rocked our Nation’s core
But to take away our loved ones
Was to have taken so much more
As you kiss your children goodnight
Midst the rubble and the pain
Tell them mommy or daddy’s in Heaven
Beside them once again

Permission to share this poem granted


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I scream
just scream
they tell me it don’t hurt that bad
how could there be so much pain
you look so damn incredible
stop complaining and they turn their head
I scream
Just hold my hands beside my fears with your judgment still ringing in my ears
I scream
I kick out all the windows and from inside myself escape
Shattered from the bits of glass so deep you can not see
when I leave your view the pain of me is gone
I scream
I just hold my hands beside myself and try to comprehend
this madness deep inside my head, too deep for it to mend
don’t dare to touch it hurts to holdso deep inside you think you see
someone strong and brave in me
no pills for piece of mind
no bit of words you say
even though you’ve the degree
don’t stand and be the judge of me
you, you know me in a minute
I ask once more did you hear me sir
as you walk me to the door
I’m sorry miss
You’re much too young
your referral’s at the desk
I know he thinks as he walks me to the door
God, she sure is beautiful can’t believe she could be ill
my life will never be the same,
even if I stick around to live it
I’ve lost that one thing your supposed to hang on to
and sometimes the strength to be without it
Today again, I try to look my best and burst right through them doors
I came in so determined and again, you knocked me to the floor
you think that I will go away crawl into a hole
someone, someday will understand
the me beneath an illness that has consumed me with such fury
shut your folder sit and relax you’ve done your job you think
you only dabble in that this week
I could hardly keep my emotions together
but hey, what must it be like living in such pain 24/7
besides you think, if she’s in so much pain, she should be kissing my feet,
and stop that damn complaining
oh well, five o’clock, time for you to head home, your family and a good night’s rest
without the worry of me, after all, I’m out of view

Copywritten Rebecca J. Burns – please email to use poem or at least give credit and link to site

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Great link:  http://www.metanoia.org/suicide/


(Response to country song, How does someone get so lonely)

by Rebecca J Burns ©

How does someone get so lonely?

How does someone get so sad?

How does someone get so lonely

that thoughts of dying make them glad

Because getting up each morning

is getting harder day by day

Facing demons and loneliness

and a pain that won’t go away

Don’t waste another day of light,

Give up on this lonely plight

I don’t want to wake another God damn day,

With nothing left to fight

Deep inside I want to live,

But I’ve nothing, nothing left to give

Let me close my eyes and fade away,

Not face another lonely, lonely day like today

You asked me, how does someone get so lonely?

How does someone get so sad?

It happens moment by moment

and day by day inside

When a soul has lost its way

and you just don’t care to be that pretty gal

Must I, struggle though tomorrow,

So you won’t feel bad today

It’s just another lonely, lonely, lonely, lonely day

like today

With inner demons that no one sees,

Fears that bring him too his knees

No one to talk to and no one who cares

That’s how you get that lonely,

When thoughts of dying make you glad

That’s how you make that awful choice,

To not live out another day without a voice

You feel that dying will bring you peace

or at least a long, long quiet sleep

Take some pills for peace of mind,

Jump off a bridge just in time

All your troubles will go away,

you won’t suffer through another day

But when we cry out for another chance,

Someone please hear our cries.

We don’t ask for sympathy

Just an ear to let me cry sometime

and another chance is all to show you how I feel

For I don’t want to be this lonely,

I don’t want to feel so sad

I don’t want to have these thoughts of dying make me glad

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Dream Focused
By Rebecca J. Burns

Look at nothing else
Put on all your blinders
Or what you want you will lose sight
Concentration is important
Even though it may not seem
If you wish to have what you want in life
You must Focus on the Dream…
Live it
Feel it
Be it
Or nothing you will have
For those without a dream in life
Wander down the path
Someday you will feel frightened
Lost and all alone
Close your eyes and search your soul
For something to pull you through
A memory
A dream
A promise of tomorrow
For the fate He has in store for You
Must first be thought by You!

Love & Peace,


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There Is No White Knight
by Rebecca J. Burns

There is no white knight
Riding towards you
There is no fountain
Of youth before you

There is no reason for that white knight
There is no need for
Prolonging youth
There is a reason
You are here now
For without a white knight
You are still whole

I see before me
That fairy princess
Who longed for Castles
In the Sky

But now we know that
We are that white knight
That comes to save us

And we realize that a white knight
Is just another name
For being Whole

You are that white knight
Riding towards you…

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Domestic violence picture of sad little boy - poem from child’s point of view on violence

How Could It Be?

How could it be, we’ve no food to feed the children
How could it be, we’ve no heat to warm their feet
How could it be, you still can’t find employment
How can it be, you’ve a needle in your arm
How could it be, I thought that I once loved you
How could it be, I thought you loved me too
How could it be, I wanted things to change
How can it be, you sold our wedding rings
How could it be, the new baby won’t stop crying
How could it be, the oldest sucks his thumb
How could it be, you don’t come home for days now
How can it be, I always seem to stay
How can it be, I’m talking to this stranger
How can it be, I’m telling everything
How can it be, you said no one would believe me
How can it be, are feet are warm tonight
How can it be, strangers really care
How can it be, the children seem to glow
How can it be, they barely know our names
How can it be, they love us just the same
How can it be, I’m standing on my own
How can it be, the children are growing strong
How can it be, the Lord has stood beside me
How can it be, my heart no longer hurts
How can it be, just seeing is believing
How can it be, to be myself for once
How can it be, I no longer ask that question
For I see, how it can be

If you run a newsletter, blog or anything to create awareness about domestic violence you may use this poem with my permission.

Domestic Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE)
TDD 1-800-787-3224
Voice: 1-800-799-SAFE (7233) 800-79


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This was written years ago about my stepfather and has become one of the most widely read of the posts listed here. I am often asked by readers for more poetry from a child/abused person’s point of view. Men, women, children. Do you have a special poem that you wrote to sum up the way you lived? Please share it as a post to this poem, you will be helping others like yourself get through the aftermath of abuse. I will not share the poem in other locations, it will only remain in this location.

Domestic violence picture of sad little boy - poem from child’s point of view on violence

Ruler of the House

I climb into a corner
Feeling covered by the walls
Time for yet another beating
All I did was laugh out loud
Laughter is quickly shattered
Replaced by rage and fear
For a moment we were happy
Which was someting he woud not hear
We must not make him angry
Be as quite as a mouse
To him we are his property
He is the ruler of the house

by Becky 12 years old


Domestic Abuse Hotline 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE)
TDD 1-800-787-3224

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