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Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to Pinterest I go!


When I first wrote this post around 3 years ago I had just recently learned about the power of Pinterest. It was months after hearing the name before I finally decided to check out what all the excitement was about. Well, here we are, maybe 3 or more years later. At first, I was interested in what the site had to offer me in the way of marketing as it was discussed in a seminar for business and after watching a video on how to set things up, I was off and running like a kid in a candy store.

I set up a few boards and began pinning things that I liked, that is where the addiction began.

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Anyone can tell you to sit down and write out your goals, but many times just surviving and living the life you did has taken away your ability to dream of having more.

Even if you don’t think you have a dream or goal try finding a tape or cd that makes you feel totally relaxed.  Then when ever you are feeling stressed make sure to play that tape.  Close your eyes and try to think of what you want your life to be like.  Go wild, no one is watching.  Just pretend the fairy god mother is at your back and telling you to dream big.

Now, didn’t that feel good!

Now, the next time you are feeling anxious and dwelling on your past put in that tape.  It may not work for the first few times but trust me it will.

I would often send myself into a depression just thinking about things I felt I let happen.  I was the one that married the abuser, knowing he was a drunk.  I was the one that allowed myself to bring a baby into it.  I was the one…. you get the point.

Then one day while I was doing the self sabotage thing I realized that I was allowing the past to make me depressed today.  If I had just thought the bad thought and moved on it would have been fine.  But I would often feed into that one bad thought and eventually work myself up into a terrible depression.

So, my point if there was ever to be one:  find a way to stop the repetitive cycle of self abuse.  Haven’t you suffered that enough?  You are angry at times that you let another abuse you but you are most likely the worst abuser to your spirit.

So, find a great song, tape or something that when you listen to it it brings you to a place of happiness and dreams of a better life.  I actually find that when I listen to Yanni or a tape that I have from Riverdance I clear my head and feel energized.

Find what works for you but please, find something.  If you have a tip to bring you out of the spiral down before you start to spiral out of control you are better equipped to pull yourself back from the edge.

You are never alone and I always wish you well and strength to take back your life.

Love & Peace,
Rebecca J. Burns

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