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Thank you to NightRaven for allowing me to share this poem.


I’m scared, just like I thought I would be..
As I know not what the future holds for me..
I have no place to call my home..
I’m walking this earth all alone..
I put my trust, my life in your hands..
You used me and my love, you call yourself a man..
You tore my world completely apart..
You bruised, battered and broke my heart..
You don’t understand what you have done wrong..
You refuse to accept, I’m never coming home..
So many times I thought it would be easier to kill myself
And die..
Then I thought about the four parts of me, I would leave
They shouldn’t live a life of feeling guilt. For me taking my
I never want to cause them more pain and strife..
You told me I had to choose..
This time I choose my children and my life over you..
I know I may end up sleeping on the streets..
But, it is better than living a life of pain and deceit..
As walking on eggshells I can no longer take—it’s a
Sign of my weakness and defeat..
Now is the time that I finally live life for me.. 

Copyright@2007  NightRaven   


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