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Today I was reviewing advice online to help rebuild self-esteem after abuse and the article linked below was to the point, don’t try to fix everything, be patient with yourself.

Be patient with yourself. Think about how you’d treat a best friend who had just been through the same situation. You likely wouldn’t tell them to “get over it already.” Let yourself take as much time as you need to sort through your emotions, feel what you need to feel and slowly come back to a positive outlook on the future.

The linked site offers a ton of resources such as forums and groups to support you in the aftermath of abuse, for teens and adults. My goal is to provide you with resources and this looks like a pretty good one. To read the rest of the article click here Rebuilding Your Self-Esteem after abuse.

I wrote this poem years ago and still read it daily to stay inspired and focused:

Dream Focused

Look at nothing else
Put on all your blinders
Or what you want you will lose sight
Concentration is important
Even though it may not seem
If you wish to have what you want in life
You must focus on the dream
Live it
Feel it
Be it
or nothing you will have
For those without a dream in life
Wander down the path
Someday you will feel frightened
Lost and all alone
Close your eyes and search your soul
For something to pull you through
A memory
A dream
A promise of tomorrow
The fate is in store for you must first be thought by You!

If you have a site that offers support or know of one please share it in the comments, we are here to help each other heal, if not, what was the point of all of this?

Free Printable of Poem ready to frame – click here!

Love & Peace,


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Dedicated to the Angels of September 11, 2001
Rebecca J. Burns/photo Sharon D. Pruitt

Heaven Must have needed Angels little girl photo with wings.png

Heaven must have needed Angels
For so many to have died
Too many went to Heaven
In the blinking of an eye
Flying through the sky that day
When the Heavens opened wide
Heaven must have needed Angels
To make this Nation Cry
What do we tell the children
It wasn’t a bomb
That blew up the world Trade Center
And crashed into the Pentagon
We see it on the news
Cell phones ringing hopeful news
Will Daddy call us one more time
And ask how was your day
What do we tell the children
Daddy’s flight went oh so wrong
He called to say he loves us
Then in a moment he was gone
And along with the Nation
We watched the towers fall
Daddy called to say he loved us
That’s what matters after all
Was it a mistake
Did the pilot lose his way
We have to tell our children
They had hit where they had aimed
Men we do not know who hated US soil
Took people who meant more to us
Than the buildings that they blew
They destroyed a landmark
When they rocked our Nation’s core
But to take away our loved ones
Was to have taken so much more
As you kiss your children goodnight
Midst the rubble and the pain
Tell them mommy or daddy’s in Heaven
Beside them once again

Permission to share this poem granted

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Sadly, once again, I am re-posting this poem as I keep playing it in my head after another devastating school shooting.  I know have an 8 year old little girl, my boyfriends child, she had been in my live for 5 years now and is my own.  We felt we had to tell her a little of what happened so that she didn’t hear it from a class mate.  She took the news well, but again, like those that died, she is just a child and knows that adults will keep her safe.  If only she knew.

It doesn’t matter that we may not have known one soul that died it still hurts just the same and even more so that they were children, babies, dear God not children.

For me as a poet/writer poetry often helps me to get through a time like this when nothing can heal the wound. The following poem was written right after hearing about the Columbine Shooting and sadly applies yet again to the recent shootings.

photo by D. Sharon Pruitt

photo by D. Sharon Pruitt

Dedicated to the Angels created because of Columbine & other School Shootings

How many times must a child fall down forcibly shot to the ground?
And how many children shall lose their young lives,
Because somebody’s day just went wrong?
You stepped in the way, passing on your day,
It wasn’t you he was angry with a friend.
Now time stands still and we pray upon the hill,
I miss you and wish you hadn’t gone,
I love you and wish you didn’t fall.
How many teachers will stand up and take bullets meant for the dead?
And how many parents will be forced to weep,
From the bullets that rang through their heads?
And how many times must I write a new song
Longing for just a little peace?
No matter what I say,
No matter what I do,
Always it brings me back to you.I miss you and wish you didn’t fall,
I love you that’s why I write this song.
You’d smiled at me that day and said I’ll be home right away,
Then the bullets rang out through the halls,
You never came home after all.
The policeman he said even though you are now dead,
You hung on as long as you could.
You said, you’d stepped in his way,
Passing on your day, it wasn’t you he was angry with a friend.
No time stands still and we pray upon the hill.
We know you loved us and wish you hadn’t gone.
You love us and wished you didn’t fall.
Please tell me Lord, how can a day go so wrong.

you may reprint as long as you link back to me as the author Rebecca J. Burns

Poem How many times must a child fall down dedicated to columbine and mass shootings

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